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Seed Paper, Plantable Wedding Invitations 

Made Naturally Designs is an eco friendly wedding invitation business now recently based on Glendye Estate, Banchory, Aberdeenshire.  Being environmentally conscious is important to me and always at the forefront of what I create.  By offering plantable seed paper wedding invitations in the UK,  we discourage the need for your guests to throw away your invitation, but instead plant them into compost and watch them bloom into beautiful wildflowers. The flowers grown from your invite will also encourage environments for other wildlife to flourish in, thus benefiting our environment and our eco system that little bit more. 


The seed paper selected is chosen because of its beautiful quality and connection to the UK. The papermill, being the oldest running mill in Britain, knows all about quality paper and the seeds are selected specifically to grow in our British environment. Using the mill, supports its charity, keeps its history alive and the equipment running.

The seed paper was recently launched at The Scottish Wedding Show and was the star of the show!.  I was delighted to hear that other people out there saw the benefits and beauty of this delicate eco friendly paper!.

I have just a few designs in my collection at the moment, but in time will be adding to it.

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